Italian private public transport operator Autoguidovie and Via have announced a new partnership that aims to offer more flexible and convenient travel experiences to Autoguidovie passengers. By combining Autoguidovie’s expertise with Via’s innovative software solutions, the two companies will work together on five on-demand public transport services, which can be booked through an app starting in the coming months in the areas of Crema, Pavia, Stradella, and Varzi.

Autoguidovie has recently awarded a tender for as many as 120 electric buses: they’ll be provided by Iveco Bus.

Via and Autoguidovie

When a passenger books a ride through the app, Via’s software matches other passengers heading in the same direction to the same vehicle, creating shared rides that can easily connect to existing bus and train lines. The app will be available starting in June for both Android and iOS.

Via’s MIOBUS booking app will make travel times faster, allow for the transportation of more people, create more efficient routes, and provide simple directions for drivers. Via’s software is already used in over 600 cities worldwide, including 250 cities in Europe.

“The partnership with Via helps fuel the mobility idea at the core of Autoguidovie’s strategy, which, through the introduction of a series of innovations, aims to interpret the transportation needs of the present time and anticipate those of the near future,” said Stefano Rossi, CEO of Autoguidovie. “Technology, an integral part of all our business systems for several years now, is used to improve the travel experience and make transportation services more efficient and accessible so that they can immediately replace private transport not only for a significant ‘convenience’ in terms of environmental sustainability but also considering the high frequency of trips, their flexibility, and the high level of comfort offered. The new software will create intelligent transport solutions, responding promptly to customer needs and increasing the level of quality of the connections and services provided by Autoguidovie.”

“Via is thrilled to have been chosen as the new on-demand transport software provider for Autoguidovie: together, we will work to create a new frontier of technology-enabled public mobility in Italy,” said Chris Snyder, CEO of Via Europe. “Our companies both share a vision of expanding access to efficient and flexible transport for passengers of all needs, and we look forward to seeing how our software will help Autoguidovie achieve this across the country.”


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