Mercedes eCitaro breaks through Scandinavian and Luxembourg markets. 20 electric bus units will be delivered following a batch of three orders that will bring for the first time the battery powered eCitaro out of German borders.

mercedes ecitaro

Mercedes eCitaro out of German borders

After many orders from German transport companies (Hamburg, Berlin, MannheimWiesbaden…), Mercedes is now delivering the first export orders for the eCitaro.

The basic version of the 20 Mercedes eCitaro models from the three orders varies greatly, the manufacturer points out. What the buses have in common, however, is the high-quality equipment and double glazing, the electrically operated pivot-and-slide doors, comfortable Inter Star Eco seating for intercity operations and USB sockets for charging mobile devices.

Nine Mercedes eCitaro towards Luxembourg

Voyages Emile Weber has chosen nine two-door eCitaro buses. These are equipped with the maximum number of twelve high-voltage battery packs delivering a total capacity of 292 kWh. Besides the extensive equipment, the colour concept of the passenger compartment is also very striking. From the upholstery of the seats to the grab bars or the side-wall panelling in needle felt: everything is in red. The floor covering has a homely wooden look.

mercedes ecitaro

All of the seats in the front section are on raised platforms and all feature two-point seat belts. Voyages Emile Weber has over 600 vehicles, ranging from minibuses to luxury coaches, and in 2018 ordered 21 Irizar electric buses.

Norgesbuss takes six Mercedes electric buses for Oslo

Norgesbuss, a group with a total of more than 700 buses, is one of Norway’s leading bus operators. The company has ordered six eCitaro buses which will be operating in the capital, Oslo. In the city also 17 Volvo 7900 will be in operation for Norgebuss, while Unibuss ordered 40 electric buses from VDL.

Ten high-voltage battery packs with a capacity of 243 kWh provide the electricity for the three-door Mercedes eCitaro zero emission buses. There are also pantographs on the roof for intermediary charging to extend the vehicle’s range. In Scandinavia, an alcohol tester in the driver’s area is part of the equipment. For operation during winter, the floor areas near to the entrances are heated.

Mercedes eCitaro for Sweden as well

Bergkvarabuss is the pioneer for the eCitaro in Sweden. In the town of Ystad, 60 km east of Malmo, on the south coast, five eCitaro buses are going into operation. The two-door rigid buses are equipped with the full complement of twelve high-voltage battery packs with a total capacity of 292 kWh. The extensive safety and interior equipment of the vehicles includes an alcohol tester for the driver, folding ramps for both doors, a passenger compartment signal system with visual and tactile response, ambient lighting and upholstered single seats with high backrests and leather headrests. With over 1000 buses, Bergkvarabuss is one of the largest bus companies in Europe.

Ulrich Bastert, Head of Marketing, Sales and Customer Services at Daimler Buses: “The orders from well-known companies from Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden show the wide range of variants of the eCitaro available. It can be adapted to a wide range of different requirements.”


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