The German bus and coach market grew 12.5% in 2023 according to figures by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) reported by German trade media

2023 has been a booming year for the Italian market where after the 2,351 number plates registered during 2022, registrations of buses over 8 ton hit the figure of 4,043 in 2023. The growth on 2022 is impressive: +72%. Spanish market also grew a lot: 54% compared to 2022 data, with 3,749 buses registered in 2023.

Germany, the bus market grew 12.5% in 2023

A total of 5,493 new buses and coaches were newly registered in Germany from January to December, compared to 4,883 in 2022. However, 2021 data were much higher: 6,474 new buses and coaches were registered in that year. The market, as notes, has not yet recovered from the pandemic, especially the coach market.

Which were the market leader? The media reports that Daimler Buses, MAN and Iveco Bus share the winner’s podium.

On an article we published on Sustainable Bus Magazine May 2023, we found that “by 2022, the five main European markets had lost a quarter of their volumes compared to 2019 (…). In Germany the sum of registrations in the three years 2020, 2021 and 2022 is slightly higher than the 2019 figure. In 2022, a thousand coaches were ‘left behind’ compared to 2019. Only the United Kingdom, among the markets analysed, suffered a comparable decline, as we will see shortly”.


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