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Electric bus, main fleets and projects around the world

Electric bus adoption in public transport urban fleet is growing all over the world. It started in China, and it has taken a few years for other regions to start the transition. But now Europe is booming: the year 2019 will be remembered as the year when the electric bus sales volumes definitiv...

Solaris wins 130 articulated ebuses for MZA Warsaw

Today MZA Warsaw, in Poland, signed a contract for the purchase of 130 electric articulated buses Solaris Urbino 18 Electric. The news is reported on the Polish magazine InfoBus. The order will allow Warsaw to eliminate diesel powered buses from the so called “Royal route”, in the center...

Gothenburg to have further 130 Volvo electric buses in operation

Gothenburg will soon have 220 electric bus units on its public transport network. Public transport agency Västtrafik, after having ordered 30 electric buses from Volvo in summer 2018, took the option for another batch of as many as 130 electric buses. The buses will be operated in Gothenburg, Mölnda...


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ABB to power 40 electric buses in Singapore

ABB will power a 40 electric bus fleet in Singapore. Buses will start operation in 2020. The orders were received from BYD Singapore and ST Engineering Land Systems, two of the three companies awarded ebus contracts by Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA), ABB points out. The Swiss company prese...

Karsan unveils the Atak Electric. With BMW batteries

Following the Jest, also the Karsan Atak will very soon be available in battery electric version. The Turkish brand presented in Munich the zero emission variant of the 8-metre bus. The key feature is the battery technology: as the Jest, the Karsan Atak Electric is equipped with the same batteries m...

The other electric bus. And why you need to know about it

Public transit leaders know that zero-emission buses are critical to the future of transit. In fact, many regions around the world are setting goals to convert entire fleets to zero emission operation. Electric buses are a well-proven solution. The challenge now is how to grow transit fleets from 10...

Hyundai unveiled a double decker battery electric bus

Hyundai is expanding its business from cars to buses, starting from a double decker with electric drivetrain (while projects on fuel cell buses are already underway). The zero emission bus unveiled by Hyundai Motor is 13 meter long, boasts a battery capacity of 384 kWh and a power output of 240 kW. ...
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